Concurrent Method process of Texas driver education.

In the concurrent method, students will first complete 6 hours of online classroom learning, which includes practice quizzes and the state permit exam. Once this is complete, you will be ready to visit your local DPS office with your student, so they can apply for and receive their learner’s license.

After receiving their learner’s license, students will continue with the remaining online classroom portion and begin to include the behind-the-wheel learning. Once all module learning is complete, your student will be ready to take their driving test and apply for their drivers’ license.


Block Method process of Texas driver education.

In the block method, students will complete all of the online classroom learning first. Once all of the online learning is complete they will visit their local DPS office to receive their learners permit. Once their permit is received the student will focus solely on driving.

Example: A 14-year-old can spend a year focusing only on the 32 hours of the online classroom. Then at 15, they receive a learner license and concentrate the whole next year on driving instruction and practice until they are 16.

Driving Only

Behind-the-Wheel process of Texas driver education.

The Driving Portion Only is ideal for students who have completed their online or classroom learning elsewhere. During the behind-the-wheel portion, students will observe specific driving maneuvers while in the car with their parent/instructor. After observing these maneuvers, the student will then practice them while their instructor is in the car, observing that they carry out the task correctly.

The driving portion is included with both the concurrent and blocked methods.