Course Home Page

Every time you log into your account you will be brought to your homepage. Here you will have access to update your profile and see what lesson you are on within the course. You will be able to easily keep track of all of your completed work and navigate to quizzes.

Course Modules

Each module is unique and will contain multiple lessons. After all the lessons in a module are complete, the student has an opportunity to review what they have learned with the module quiz.

Module Lessons

Within each module lesson, there is a variety of lesson material. Which includes real pictures, lesson interactions, and animated videos. We allow you the freedom to move forward or back within every lesson. The lessons are not timed, allowing the student to learn at their own pace and review topics when needed.

Lesson Expectations

Each lesson has been designed to be navigated easily from your favorite device with an internet connection. Pictures, charts, audio clips, and videos are used to keep the students engaged in the learning process. We want driver education to be engaging, easy, and fun for all our students and their parents/guardians. We take the guesswork out of what to teach by having easy-to-read engaging lessons.